Semi-automation of dorking

Nahamsec has an excellent presentation about recon in which he discusses, among many other things, the topic of “Digital Dumpster Diving” and google dorking.

Slide from Nahamsec's It's the Little Things II presentation

This is mostly a manual process but I thought I could automate at least some of it, so here’s a simple form that will automatically generate the search links. Now all you have to do is open a bunch of tabs and sift through the information! The dorks themselves are from a list I have accumulated over time, sorry if I can’t credit the people I got them from.

The “app” is available on this blog page and at https://blog.deesee.xyz/dorks. I will update this over time with dorks that search for error messages and common info disclosures. If you have any ideas feel free to open an issue or a PR.

Feel free to open an issue or a PR if you want anything added to the list!